Christine Marie – Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Eddie – Guitar / Jimi – Drums, Vocals / Mike Rich – Bass Guitar, Vocals (member bios coming soon)

The CliQue formed in May of 2021 with the first formation of the CliQue being a 6 piece band. In a sudden turn of events, The newly formed band turned into a four piece band and was determined to be ready to play as soon as possible. The pressure was on! They put together a hot set of 40 songs and Chrissy had to take on a new role adding her flair on keyboard and acoustic guitar to the mix. Their debut gig was set for August 27th 2021 and a second gig at Copake Camp Ground one week later! There was no time to lose!
After the 1st campground show, it went on to be a regular gig playing there 3 times over the summer of 2022 and now more shows for the summer of 2023.
The foursome has played 37 shows in their first year, including 3 private parties!
In this first year The CliQue has played for the Danbury Hat Tricks and is on a regular rotation at The Station Grille, Barrel 28, Copake CampGrounds and have picked up several other rooms for the coming new year.
The band was proud to play their first New Years Eve show held on Dec. 31st, 2022 at Barrel 28 in Florida NY and is booked to play there again for December 31st, 2023.
The CliQue continues to grow and evolve our look and our sound! It’s all about rock you can dance 2 and being part of something you will never forget!